Thursday, July 27, 2006

From the orders of Charles II for the Household

(Transcribed from the Stowe MSS.)

Chapel.—When wee are present, no man shall presume to putt on his hatt at Sermon, but those in the stalls on the left hand, which are noblemen or counsellors, or the Deane of the Chapell, when wee are absent. As our expresse pleasure is that our Chappell be all the yeare through kept both morning and evening with solemne musick like a Collegiate Church, unlesse it be at such times in the summer, or other times when
we are pleased to spare it, so wee will have all decent honour and order kept, and therefore when any of the Lords of the Councill be below, our pleasure is so much respect be given to our Councill (being our representative body) as that no man presume to be covered untill they shall require them, and then only the sonnes of noblemen or such as serve us, or our dearest consort the Queene in eminent places.

In all those places, both noblemen and others shall observe great distance and respect to our person, and also civility one towards another. And those that are younge shall not offer to fill up the seates from those which are either elder or
more infirme or counsellors, though perhaps below them in rank.


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