Wednesday, December 14, 2005

God Save the King, and Hyder Ally

June,1824.—I heard the other day, from Miss Stables, a singular instance of the power of music, which I am anxious to remember because it is so well authenticated.

When her father was a very young man, he followed his regiment to the East Indies. Upon some occasion (I forget what) this regiment gave a dinner to that savage tyrant, Hyder Ally, who a short time after returned the compliment by sending the greater part of those present to the far-famed Black Hole.*

During dinner the regimental band played, and ended by playing God save the King. Hyder Ally appeared much struck, and fainted at last from emotion. Mr. Stables was one of those who assisted in removing him from the dining-room, and who, standing by when he recovered, heard him exclaim, 'Is your King a God, that you adore him with such music as that?'

Editor’s note
* This is an obvious mistake. Miss Wynn was probably thinking of the treatment experienced by the British officers and soldiers after the battle with Hyder Ally of Sept. 10, 1780.


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